Local Tour

  • You will be picked up by our guides at your hotel and transfer to our boat at the Hoi An port.

  • Next, we will take a ferry trip downstream the stunning Thu Bon River and have chance to experience the river beauty of  Vietnam countryside early in the morning.

  • Then, you will have opportunities to see the local hardly catching fish by some traditional ways on the river and many off – shore boats returning with the night catch as well as the lives of the hospitable fishermen. Meanwhile, you can see the Duy Hai fishing market where the local fishermen selling their fish to traders.

  • Especially, you will have opportunities to take photos of the sunrise over the tranquil water.

  • After that, you willl be trasported to basket boats and paddle on the canals of the Bay Mau nipa palm forest.

  • Finally, you will enjoy a light breakfast at our restaurant then go back to your hotel by car. End of the tour.


Note: the tour depends on Weather Condition